I am a Russian-American designer from a small town in Michigan.

I grew up surrounded by a range of outlets for my creativity— dancing, playing the violin, and making art. The creative energy facilitated a sense of curiosity in me. Whether it is the efficiency of the American electoral system or the elastic on pantyhose, I always want to know why systems and objects have been created in the way they have and how they could be improved. 

Graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago taught me how to utilize my curiosity to actively challenge the status quo. I learned how to envision and execute ideas, to be a fearless amateur, and to always tell a great story. No garment, product, organization, or even policy is too established to be re-envisioned for an ever- evolving way of thought. Currently I am focused on using this powerful lens to find the gaps in the fashion industry’s efforts toward a sustainable future. I am also interested in the developments of wearable technologies and their increasing role in our every day lives. I want our industries to evolve into more ethical and socially conscious entities. 

Don’t hesitate to say hi if you think our interests overlap!